Answer Clue
Interview With The Vampire 1976 GOTHIC HORROR NOVEL BY ANNE RICE
with one's head in the clouds IN A DREAMY STATE
vote with ones feet Indicate an opinion by being present or absent
rule with an iron fist Govern very strictly
with one's back to the wall In desperate straits
WITH OR WITHOUT YOU 1987 lead single from the U2 album The Joshua Tree
WITH CHILD Expecting furious nurses to be irritated about hospital
It Started With A Kiss 1982 Hot Chocolate single, reissued in 1993 and 1998
CIDER WITH ROSIE Director I wish to adapt European novel
Stuck in the Middle with You 1973 single written by Gerry Rafferty and Joe Egan
MARRIED WITH CHILDREN American sitcom starring Ed O’Neill and Katey Sagal
with respect to Pace about
SOPWITH CAMEL Son arrived after work and left in old plane
GONE WITH THE WIND A film to blow you away?
FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE Use someone’s methods against them
WITH CALF Jersey-carrying possibly affected half-wit catching cold
tarred with the same brush Having identical defects
BEAR WITH ME Overheard invite to nudist club? Hang on a minute!
rule with a rod of iron Reign with stern severity
PLAY WITH FIRE Riskily meddle in passionate drama?
OUT WITH IT Say what you think to be smarter than leading clobber
ABIDE WITH ME “In life, in death, o Lord, ____” (HF Lyte, usually to music by WH Monk)
SOPWITH CAMEL Iconic fighter aircraft of the First World War

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